Dreams and goals, fancies. 

Welcome back, fancies. 
Last weekend I asked you to look inside yourself and reflect if your dreams and goals were truly aligned.  What have you concluded? How will you get there? 
Dreams and goals and can be only be aligned if they are measurable and reasonable (nursing terms!). But Ashlee, what are the differences you ask. A dream is your ideal, made up of many goals. Some goals you will purposely seek out. Others will find you. 
Mr Ashlee and I started our #debtfree journey in 2010. It’s difficult to stay committed to anything if you don’t know where you are going- at least where you want to go. This would come back to us as we would work really hard for a few months and regress for a while- kind of like a yo to diet. 
I have two golden rules that make the #debtfree life maintainable: 
1- Stop associating money with happiness. Seriously, cut it out. No, the coworker that waltzes into the office every morning with their iPhone six  that costs more than your monthly salary is not  happier than  you. Having nice things is great and I think If you want something, buy it (cough-my j crew addiction- cough). But don’t fool yourself into thinking that this will make you happy. Happiness does not come from Macy’s. It comes from YOU! 
2- Start your day off with mentally noting three things you are thankful for. This literally resets the way you think and shakes the feeling of “missing out” on something that is materialistic. On the flip side, you can be thankful for materialistic things. After all, the #debtfree life lets you spurge and allows to have the things you want! I’ve been know to be thankful for Jcrew outlets and my hunter boots (hello, free shipping


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