Hi fancies- I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend! 

According to Google, opportunity is defined as a circumstances that makes it possible to do something . 
Here’s a spoiler alert: You create your own opportunities. 
Ask yourself, what opportunities have you created for your yourself lately? What opportunities have have denying yourself? 
Every day, we have the opportunity to create debt or pay off debt. It’s that simple. We also have the opportunity to be happy or not be happy.  Remember a few posts back, I said that money DOES NOT equal happiness? Same goes with sadness or feelings of being overwhelmed. Stop thinking looking at money as ways to be happier. Instead, you should be viewing money for what it is- a necessity. One way to do this is to change your thought process. 
Money is necessary to secure housing, food and clothing. Sometimes, it is also necessary to spend money to make money. 
But to be truly happy in your life, you need to stop with the excuses of why you can’t have financial freedom and start be appreciative of what you can do. Maybe you can’t pay off all of your student loans in one lump sum just left, but  can you add an extra $25 a month to apply to the principle? 
Sometimes I find it’s easier to give yourself “challenges” (for lack of a better word). For example, go one week without spending any money on going out to eat.
I hope that everyone has given some thought as to what their dreams and goals are, we all as how you are going to open up more opportunities for yourself. 
In the next few days I’ll be posting our family’s “10 commandments of how to achieve financial freedom”. In the meantime, the most important thing you can do is to stop comparing yourself to others and stop viewing money as happiness.
 I can guarantee you that the woman sitting next to you in traffic with her Starbucks coffee and new Land Rover is not exempt from arguments with her significant other, credit card debt or her children throwing tantrums because they want Cheetos for breakfast. She is not anymore happier in her luxury vehicle than you are in your 5 year old Sudan. 
Stay tuned. Xoxo  



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