Just like that, it’s Monday 

Quick Tips For A Stress-Less Start to the Week!  

HAPPY MONDAY my fancies! 
Do you often find yourself dreading the beginning of a new work week, wondering how we have managed to put a man on the moon but yet no one has figured out a way to extend the weekend? 
You aren’t alone, but I’m here to tell you how you can learn to look forward to Mondays! 
Not having to stress about the “what’s if” on Sunday nights is an amazing feeling. I’ve compiled my 5favorite  to-do’s that will help you feel prepared for the week,save money and enjoy! 
1- Plan your meals. Every. Single. Meal. I’m a wee bit type A and such a planner, so I make a table in word and put on the fridge to help me remember what we are supposed to be eating. This helps us avoid the “we have nothing to eat let’s order a $20 pizza” mindset.
2- Go over your bank account and credit cards weekly (with your SO if you have one). When it comes to finances, ignorance is not bliss, and you need to be aware of what is being spent! 
3- Exercise. You might thinking, ‘how can this help me save money’? I guess the technical answer is, it doesn’t. BUT getting a run in or a walk around your neighborhood just 3-4 times a week will help boost your mood, your immune system and give you time to clear your mind. All of these are essential for a well balanced life, which we all strive for! 
4- Pay it forward. I do lots of readings, and recently I read something that give me the “duh!” feeling. (A ‘duh’ feeling is kinda like an ‘ah ha moment’ only its like ‘ugh yeah, duh, why didn’t I think of that?’). Anyway, I’ve been reading a lot about of generosity and its the key to success and happiness. When you take a moment to do something  for someone else, you stop thinking about yourself, you both win. Make it a point to pay it forward at least once a week. This doesn’t have to be something you spend money on – it can a simple gesture like a compliment, taking 3 minutes out of your day to ask someone about their day and truly listen and be present. Find something that works for you, and pay it forward! 
5- Relax. Wake up 30 min earlier than usual and give yourself time. Time to enjoy the birds chirping, sun rising, to actually eat breakfast, not just inhale a bagel in 3 mins and coffee in the car. 
Have a great week, fancies! 
PS- Have any of you heard about the #foodbankNYCchallenge? Mr Ashlee and I will be starting this on Tuesday this week, and because I’ll be done with my BSN I’m hoping to get daily posts about this experience! Join me please? Follow me on insta @ agoulette to share your pics of this challenge and share yours! 

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