Day 1: #foodbanknycchallenge 

Day 1

I’m a little uncertain  if I should be totaling what it would cost per meal/snack or to buy the bulk items. 

7:15am- Oatmeal ($0.05) w/ banana (0.49), 1/8 cup almond milk ($0.35) two tsp brown sugar ($0.10 ?est),  Coffee w/ almond milk (0.066 + $0.35). Yummy. Filling. Est cost: $1.406. 

9:57am- hungry. Must find snack. Settled on chobani w/ oats- $1.19 from Target. Free donuts in the break room- I withheld my urge to face plant into a butternut donut, as I am guessing that people on SNAP don’t work in as friendly of a place that bring in a dozen Dunkin Donuts? Unclear. Best to stick w/ yogurt. However, I did some research- a single donut costs $0.95 and the butternut I’ve been craving is 520 calories. My yogurt has 160 cals. WTH? A donut would have saved me money but added jiggle to all the wrong places.

12:01pm- stahhving (aka, ready to not be looking at my computer screen at work). I have a Turkey breast, provolone cheese, pickles, black olives, green pepper and mayo sandwich from subway on hearty Italian. We had a coupon for 3 12′ subs for $16 that we used yesterday and I saved half my sub for lunch today. So a 6′ sub would be $2.66. No sides etc as I was too lazy to pack myself anything. But I guess you have to spend the entire $16?? 

12:16pm- inhaled sub. ate 1/4 of a donut. damn you Dunkins. $0.25

1:19pm- WTH am I going to eat for dinner? an English Muffin? That oatmeal this morning was pretty good. Also- who is in charge of bringing me coffee? I need coffee. I should have some vegetables. 

1:22pm- no coffee is in my future, clearly. 

5:33pm- husband made me English Muffin pizzas, scoffed down 1.5 muffins. 

No bedtime snack. 

Oatmeal- $1.50
Tin of coffee (market basket brand, makes 239 cups)- $7.99
brown sugar- $2.99 for a regular sized bag
bunch of bananas- $2
Almond milk (generic brand) $1.89

Subway: 3/$16

English muffins: $1.50 for 12 
Shredded cheese: $3.49 for family pack 
Sauce: $2.50

Day one was mostly good… No concerns. Bring on day two! And more coffee… 

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