#foodbanknycchallenge: Day 2

I totally up how much everything would cost me at the store to buy all of the necessary ingredients that I consumed yesterday. Since most of these items are not for individual sale (i.e. you can’t buy just 1/4 cup of Ragu). I spent $25.05! WTH? I have $3.95 left for the week.
7:23am Breakfast- Oatmeal w/ two tsp brown sugar, half of a banana, splash of almond milk. Coffee, w/ another splash of almond milk.
10:18am Snack- Damn you quarter of a donut. People might think that doctor’s offices are healthy, but we have more free candy/cake/food than anywhere I’ve ever worked!
12 noon Lunch- Skipped. Not hungry. Could be the post vacation migraine ?
4:02pm- slightly hungry. Dreaming of my dinner- oatmeal again?
No afternoon snack. Although

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