Day 3: #foodbankNYCchallenge

Hi fancies.

Day three of these challenge and honestly I need some vodka in my life. I’ve been eating so many carbs I could  barely button my pants this morning.

Basically I could just copy and paste my food diary from days 1 & 2 here and call it a day, but that wouldn’t be fun, would it?

I had an English Muffin for breakfast and dinner yesterday. Yum. And oatmeal w/ a half of a banana and tsp brown sugar for lunch. Also, a slice of free birthday cake from the break room. I need a carb cleanse.

Apparently thanks to our girl Gwenyth Paltrow, this has become quite a trendy challenge. I’ve read both  positive and negative reviews  of the #foodbanknycchallenge. Some of the negative things have been about how if celebrities want to really make a difference, they should give their money to the food banks?

Of course, this got me thinking, what is the purpose of doing this challenge and blogging about it? For me, it’s about being able to relate others who are not as fortunate as I am and walking a mile (okay, maybe 500 feet) in their shoes. Although Mr. Ashlee and I try to stick to $50-$70/week in groceries it’s like our money runs out if we go over. I hope to gain some insight on the struggles that other have and to raise some awareness about supporting local food banks.

So, there you have it, I ‘m overloaded in carbs, bloated and feeling slightly annoyed that I basically have to stick with cheap foods until Tuesday. I NEED an apple and a garden salad w/ grilled shrimp. Also, pass the sangria. First world problems.

If you are interested in donating to this cause, I have provided some links to my local area that works to provide nutritious foods for those that need assistance. I encourage you donate and raise awareness!



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