Day 4: #foodbanknycchallenge

Happy Saturday! It finally feels like spring, doesn’t it? How are you spending your weekend? Any goals for the week ahead?

I love to start my Saturday off with a cup or four of coffee and a good shake at BarreN9ne!

Day 4 (Friday): More oatmeal, bananas and English muffins. Still sporting belly bloat I’ve developed and lack of energy. Definitely feeling like my options are limited on what I can eat and  I can’t imagine how it must feel to want to feed your family healthy, well balanced meals and not be able to.

Of note, I did go to the grocery store last night to get food for the week (don’t worry, I’m stick sticking to the challenge, but Mr. Ashlee needs food, and I got myself some things to eat on Wednesday!). I am still a believer that healthy doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. For example, I bought small bunch of non organic (the horror!) bananas and they were 62 cents. Mr. Ashlee wanted sour cream and onion chips, and even the generic brand were $2.50. I also got a family pack of spare ribs for less than $5.

In general, it’s already so obvious that eating healthy doesn’t need to break the bank, but also $29 PP a week is just ridiculous.



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