Day 6: #foodbanknycchallenge


Day 6 has come and gone and was successful.

In an effort to really find out what it would be like to use SNAP (apparently, this is the new lingo used for food stamps), I did some basic research on how to get started. Since I live in Massachusetts, I did a  Google search of ‘applying for food stamps in ___ town, MA’. Without Google, I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

I came across a website for the county I live and there is a link to take a ‘test’ to see if I qualify for food stamps. Of course, the link is broken and doesn’t work, so there’s that.

The next line talks about how much I can expect to receive in help (assuming I qualify) and I’m told I’m expected to spent 30% of my income on food. Seems a little hefty to me… but whatever. For a family of four, you are given $668. The website doesn’t say if this is weekly, monthly? I’m guessing monthly. So if there’s four weeks a month and four people to feed… that $41.75 a week.

Another fun encounter on this website that it tells you you can only apply online for SNAP and you are provided a link. Spoiler alert: this link doesn’t work either.

Anyone else have this experience? I can’t imagine being hungry and not being able to afford food, and then to finally get the courage to ask for assistance and not be able to.

Onto day 7.


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