Day 7: #foodbanknycchallenge



This challenge has been just that- a challenge. I missed the part where the $29/week is divided into $1.38 per meal. I didn’t take any pictures of my food, because you know what oatmeal and English muffins look like.

What I missed the most... I missed the flexibility of being able to plan out meals as well as fresh produce. I did not budget correctly in the beginning, so that is my fault. Example:I could have easily bought a cantaloupe for $2.50 and divided this into seven day portions- but instead I spent $2.99 on brown sugar.

What I liked the best… I’m always up for a challenge, so even though I had one day of eating sushi and going over budget, the feelings of accomplishment have been amazing. I hope to continue to be inspired by others!

What I’m taking away from this… For me, this was a temporary situation, but for many it is not. If nothing else, I now have a 2.3% better understanding of what it would be like to be food insecure. *sips an iced coffee from Dunkins. Doesn’t even complain that they made it wrong*

How do others inspire you? Where do you look for inspiration?


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