Part I: That time I tried to grow food

In an effort to save money on vegetables and eat more organically, I’m going my own food. Well- at least trying to. I did some pinterest searches extensive research on “gardening for dummies”. Mostly I just want to grow cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchini because I’m constantly buying them at the store.

One trip to home depot and $13.47 later I was ready to get started.

My shopping list included:

– some sort of soil

– seeds (cukes, zucchini, tomatoes). Bonus: treated myself to sunflower seeds as well. How very 90’s of me.

I emptied a dozen eggs into a bowl for safe keeping in my fridge, cut the egg carton so it was in two pieces and punctured holes in each little section with a sharp  knife so that it looked like this:

Now it’s was time to fill each little hole with soil. Make sure to put the top part of the egg carton that you cut off underneath so soil doesn’t spill out. I just used my hands to put the soil into the little compartments.

Next up time to add the seeds. I have two compartments of tomato seeds, three of zucchini and five of cucumbers. Since I have no idea what I’m doing, I’ll get back to you if this was too many/not enough seeds.

After covering the seeds with a thin layer of soil and watering them it was time to a find a safe, warm place for them to germinate (actual term!). I vaguely remember reading somewhere that the best place is a  warm spot like the top of your refrigerator. Lucky for us, our kitchen is still hanging on to it’s 1954 decor so there is a fun wooden built in that blocks anything being put above the fridge. Ultimately I decided to put the little guys next to a vent on the floor in our den. It’s warm and dry, so basically all the requirements are met.

Now it’s time to wait to for some green growth. I really like this idea since egg cartons are biodegradable I can just plant the entire darn thing in the ground once any chance of frost is gone. Although I think cukes and tomatoes don’t do well together, so I’ll have to cut the carton.

Does anyone have any beginner tips? How about how much money I can expect to save by growing my own produce?


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