Food Prep: Part 2

Disclaimer: I want this for lunch. Every. Single. Day. 

You know that saying, ” A Sunday well spent brings a week of content”? It’s so true!

As I sit here sipping my coffee hours before anyone should legally be allowed to be awake, I can’t help but get excited about diving into my food prep goodies. Earlier this week, we talked about how much time and money prepping breakfast for the week ahead can save. If you missed that post, you can check it out here:

Lunch is a necessity no matter what a typical workday looks like for you and no one likes to spend time the night before let alone in the morning before work scrambling to find something to eat. In our house, weekday mornings have a tendency to become war zones more than I care to admit, so reducing as much stress as possible is key. 

Typically I am happy with yogurt and fruit for lunch but I also pack myself a morning and afternoon snack which consists of baked oatmeal “muffins” and likely some carrot sticks. By taking ten minutes out of my Sunday, I am able to divide these items into individual servings for the week. 

Mr Ashlee prefers a sandwich for lunch everyday. We still struggle with his lunch actually, still trying to find something that works for everyone. He gets tired of cold cuts but refuses to have egg salad for lunch at work. Does not want to use the microwave at work, so left overs from the previous nights dinner are off the table (see what I did there?). So for now  I prep as much as I can for the week for his lunches (carrots and chips in individuals servings, side salads in individual containers, etc) and he makes sandwiches every night. Or I make them for him… After 20 reminders that this is not the 1950s. 

Obviously lunch prep is our weakness. Honestly, as long as we aren’t going out to eat for lunch I consider it a success. 

What do you do to make lunch prep easier?
Xoxox A


One thought on “Food Prep: Part 2

  1. Too funny about sandwiches. M eats them everyday and I usually make it for him only cuz i like to haha, though I always laugh when he makes it vs. me. He piles on way more than I do (I am thinking portion control, yes?) and he WILL take leftovers to work, though I won’t let him take any that stink up the kitchen! Lunch ideas for him must be tough, if he won’t take tupperware to work either? stubborn man 😉


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