Food Prep: Part 3. Side railed.

As I sat here attempting to describe how much time and money I save by food-prepping dinner, I realized my current technique is just not working for me. 

Normally I scour the weekly Market Basket flyer on Thursday evenings and head to the market on Friday evenings (I refused to go on Saturdays or Sundays) after making a list of our meals for the next week.  I have enough anxiety to deal with thankyouverymuch. I could easily fill two more posts about my hatred for weekend food shopping- one post would consist of all the questions I have for other shoppers and another would simply be a crazy white girl/first work problem rant. I digress.

Why doesn’t this for us? Because I spend so much darn time doing it! It takes me at least 40 min to go through my cupboards and fridge to see what I need to buy (even tho we do have an on going list to jot things down on during the week, not everything makes it on there) and then making my list. Repeat seven days later. Yuck.

I’ve decided to try monthly grocery shopping with a weekly visit to the store built in for fresh produce. First thing I did was google monthly grocery shopping. Seriously- my life would end if Google did not exist. Yahoo just doesn’t compare.

Next up, I printed out a monthly calendar of May 2015 and filled in the slots of what we will have for dinner. Since there is only two of us, we tend to cook one night,  have left overs the next, repeat. 

Example: since I #foodprep on Sundays I tend to make a large meal that we can also have the next night for dinner, which helps make Monday a little less painful.  I never cook on Tuesdays. Mr. Ashlee has his night class, so the dog and I share oatmeal or some that is easy to prepare. Think English muffin with butter. 

I am a little nervous about Mr. Ashlee’s ability to control himself and not eat everything the first three days the fridge is full. Stay tuned.

Normally we budget $50 per week in food, so I will budget $160 for the monthly shopping with $10 a week for deli meat for Mr. A’s lunch, milk, and produce. This may need some adjustment.

Does anyone else shop monthly? Tips or tricks?
Sorry for the poor photo quality. 
Next up: Did I stick to my budget? Buy everything I needed? 


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