Rewind. Slow down. Smell the roses. 

Ahhh can you smell that? Fresh air! Spring! Life has been so crazy for us the last few weeks now that it’s finally not snowing here in Massachusetts, it’s prime house project time! That combined with the fact that I’m trying to squeeze in as much as possible before grad school starts August 12th things have been non stop! 

Day tips to northern NH, graduation parties, two weddings, and finally completing our vinyl fence project are all in the near future. Then recently Mr Ashlee  discovered TWO old septic tanks in our back yard that we need to get rid of  before completely fencing off our yard. Oh and bonus! The septic tanks are exactly where we want to put our inground pool. Circa 2023 at this point.   We also have “the great living room project” to finish, which includes installing a real light fixture, painting and possibly having furniture that matches. Or not. 

Because we try to do all of our house projects ourself, with lots of help from my father in law, things take a little longer. But when you are trying to put two people through grad school without taking out loans and working 40+ hours a week you take what you get 😉

With everything going on, we rarely get time to sit down and relax. I’ve read that some couples plan date nights, make a pact to not use their phones while eating. I want to be these people! But alas, everything is a work in  progress. Howbeer, the stars aligned today when Mr A and I had an impromptu coffee date, on our couch, watching mrs doubfire. At 7:30 in the morning. 

After a rough couple of weeks, I feel like this was God giving us much needed couple time, even if it was a just 15 minutes. 


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