Surviving Wedding/Graduation  season 

How You Can Survive Wedding/Graduation Season:

Can you believe it’s almost Memorial Day Weekend?!
With the unofficial start to summer basically here, this means weddings and graduation galore! While we are enjoying the weather, this time of year can be costly, leaving you with little
to no money left in the budget to enjoy other summer activities.
Mr A and I find that June is a particularly rough month for us. Both of my brothers, my parents birthdays and our wedding anniversary are all squeezed into 30 days! This year we also have my nephews graduation from 8th grade to work into the budget.
Here are my top five  tips for surviving this season that anyone can implement!
1. Plan plan plan. Right now. Pull out your calendar and figure out what you events you have coming up and make a budget and stick to it
2. NO GIFT CARDS. I hate gifting gift cards for two reasons: #1 it’s so impersonal #2 they almost  never go on sale. Let’s say you budget $50 for a graduation gift, sure you won’t mistakenly go over if you purchase  a gift card for that amount but you also won’t be under budget. I like to look for good deals (two of my favorites is the krazy coupon lady and moneysavingmom) who basically do all the work for you and tell you the best deals of the day.
3. Homemade. I don’t mean like “here’s a tacky beaded necklace I made for you”. But think along the lines of shutterfly books which are always going on sale and making a nice photo book for the couple or recipe book. Consider tackling homemade candle making or jams which you have been dying to try anyway! (Make sure to plan for a back up incase these things go south…)
4. Thoughts doesn’t equal extravagant. How cute would a few pounds of coffee with two mugs be for a gift? (Hint hint for my next birthday…😉).  it’s the little things that really matter and if anyone is basing your friendship on your ability to spend $200 on them it’s time to reevaluate your friendship
5. Stock up. I tend to buy most of my Christmas gifts in the spring and summer because that’s when scarves  and sweaters are on sale. And Yankee candle send me tons of coupons then too! If you know you have a wedding in the fall but see a great set of dishes on sale in May, there is nothing stoping you for purchasing now!
Bonus! Make it practical. This rule isn’t necessarily going to save you money, but no one likes getting junk!
What are some other strategies you have for not going completely broke attending every wedding/cook out/shower all summer long?!

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