How We Survive Without Cable… Four Years Strong! 


I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and did something fun! We just hung around our house like anti social hermits, but got SO much stuff done it felt great, although I could have used another day… never enough, right?!

Ok that’s not completely true, we have channels 2-14. And HBO. Four these channels are in Spanish. We don’t speak Spanish.

Four and a half years ago, Mr A said he wanted to go completely without cable. I thought  he was nuts – we were  living in an apartment with no yard or room to do anything outside and were still fairly new to the area meaning that we spent a great deal of time in front of the TV. This was all pre wedding, pre BSN, pre grad school, so lots of time on our hands. Even though this would save us $80 a month or more, the idea of not watching real housewives of NYC was anxiety producing to me.

But, being the good sport I am, we compromised. We agreed that we would act like we didn’t have cable for one month and if it was going well, cancel our plan.

The first week was really difficult- what was I supposed to do when I got home from work? Weekend mornings?

After two weeks, I did not miss TV at all.

Wifi is a must for us we ended up decreasing our package dramatically, to just the local channels and wifi- but comast throws in HBO too for some weird reason so that’s our plan. Don’t ask me why.

So yes, we get to enjoy Modern Family, The Bachelorette and nightly news but we both feel we could do without this if we needed to, it’s just the Wifi that holds us captive. You just find other things to do-  like work out, read, clean (never ending…), etc. By the time I get home from work, make dinner, clean up and walk the dog I barely have an hour left before I go to bed. Plus on the weekends I spend more time outside than if I had the option to binge watch Real Housewives.

Has anyone else tried to go without cable? What do you do to fill your time?

On the opposite side for anyone that starts convulsing at the idea of saying good bye to cable, what scares you the most?


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