What’s For Dinner? Here’s A Hint- I Have No Freaking Clue

So tired of hearing this question.

Both J and I had been feeling like we were in a food rut lately. Honestly, I’d be happy with oatmeal or salad for dinner every night, but the Mr insists on eating.


Anyway, I went rogue and made all new to us meals this week to help get out this situation and things seem to be going well- I’m actually excited to eat what I’m making!

Before I get int our meal plan for the week- here’s a screenshot of a convo my cousin I had this morning about cooking… it’s all in good humor, hope you enjoy! Excuse the typos.And potty mouth.

image1 (1)

Side note: I seriously love this girl and would be lost without her.

Here is our dinner plan for this week (which, btw, thank GAWD is almost over)

Sunday- Baked pollock ($4.99/lb!) breaded with panko bread crumbs and a garden salad w/ strawberries. J had left over pasta from the night before too. We had enough for each of us to have for lunch the next day.

Monday- Shaved steak ($3.99/lb!) that I cooked on the stove top a with a little bit of olive oil, green and red peppers. J ate his on a toasted sub roll with American cheese and a side salad. I had the steak over the huge salad I made Monday without cheese. DELISH!

Tuesday- Left over steak/fish combo. J refers to this as ‘scraps’. As in ‘what’s for dinner, scraps?’. I like to call it ‘let’s not throw anything out’. You can pick which you prefer.

Wednesday- Buffalo chicken bites. I didn’t make the super healthy version but there is definitely potential. Nor did I manage to a pic of these tasty little treats, maybe I will get one tonight and post it!

one boneless skinless chicken breast, par boiled then shredded
1/2 cup your choice of hot sauce (I use Franks wing sauce)
one cup of shredded cheddar cheese (or to your liking
1.5oz cream cheese, softened
Mix all of these together in a medium bowl, use an ice cream scoop to                    make into little balls, place on baking sheet.

Next, get out three bowls to put one cup of flour in, 2 cups of crushed corn
flakes, and two eggs lightly beaten. Dip each ‘ball’ to make a fun crunchy              coating- flour –> eggs –> corn flake. Bake at 350 for 25 min. Delish!

Thursday- Scraps again. I have tons of errands to run so no time to cook and plenty of left overs from the chicken!

Friday- pasta w/ meatballs. I have a really simple meat ball recipe, which is one lb hamburg or ground turkey, one cup milk, half cup bread crumbs of your choice, salt, pepper, garlic gloves to your liking- mix in a bowl, make into little balls (seems to be a theme here…) and bake on a baking sheet for 20 min at 275. Add to sauce pan with jar homemade sauce and let simmer for how ever long you want, stir occasionally. Is this high end cuisine? No. Is it simple and delicious? Absolutely!

Thoughts? Critiques? Suggestions for next weeks meal plans?

Most importantly… what the heck are you having for dinner that I could make?


4 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner? Here’s A Hint- I Have No Freaking Clue

  1. Yum! I love the ‘rogue’ meal planning and new ideas! that sounds fantastic. I love scraps too hehe. I call em leftovers and we usually reinvent them in some way. So if we have leftover grilled chicken, maybe I turn that into a veggie stir fry with chicken the next day or make it into chicken salad all chopped together. M made an AWESOME faux fried rice last night (mostly healthy really too! way way better than stupid chinese food lol) that we had with a veggie stir fry. it was delish and sort of out of the norm for us!


  2. I found a great link on Pinterest for freezer meals. Basically you cut up all the meat and veggies and put in a gallon size freezer bag with liquids and seasonings. Then pop them in the crock pot on low for 8 hours. I made 10 of these things and so far I’ve liked them all. Took me about 2 hours of prep work but I can just put one in before work and have dinner ready when I get home. Here’s the link if you’re interested: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/436989970070161722/

    I also sometimes buy a 4-5 pound package of boneless chicken breasts at Walmart for $1.99/lb and cook them up (either in the crockpot or baking in the oven on a stoneware bar pan from pampered chef) and then use it in meals throughout the week. Works great for chicken alfredo, chicken and noodles, tacos, enchiladas, salads, etc.


    1. These look amazing akw62307! Thank you! I’m totally making some is these… Next week! Haha! Also- great idea with the chicken. I always feel like it takes so long to make chicken on week nights. I have left over pot roast and tn I’m making Pot roast nachos… We’ll see how that goes!

      Xoxo a


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