Summer Goals

It’s unofficially summer, fancies!

What do you have  planned for the sunshine season? Please share!

I’m determined to make this summer all about self care and being present… For the first time in two years I won’t be in school, so there’s one less stress. We just finished a huge house project and plan on taking a break for a while before we start anything new.

I have 94 days until I start an 18 month journey from RN to nurse practitioner so I’m all about enjoying my time now before it gets crazy!

Here are my goals/to do list for the summer to be done before 9/2/15

1. Read more books!  I’ve been reading like  crazy and can’t get enough. Here’s what on my list:

The Nice Girl Syndrome by Beverly Engel

Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick

Best of Me by Nicolas Sparks

Heretic’s Daughter by Kathleen Kent

2. Watch Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black. No explanation needed! ps- if you haven’t already, definitely read Piper’s book!

3. Go to the beach! Seriously I live 15 min away from a handful of amazing beaches and didn’t go once last summer

4. Run My First 5K. I’m signing up for a fun obstacle course run with my cousin in August, so looking forward to this!

5. Sit in my hammock and sip wine. Star gaze. Daydream. Cuddle.

5. Spend time with my BFF from New Hampshire. I  haven’t seen her since December thanks to 173 miles between us and opposite work schedules.

6. Spend time with my nephews. My oldest nephew starts  high school in the fall. Yeah- holy feeling old. I love these little guys and wish I could more of a presence in their lives- again, 200 miles  separates us and feels like a world away. I’d like to plan for us to go to water country in Portmouth NH.

7. Hike. J and I always plan one hike  a summer which I complain the entire way and have at least one breakdown before get to the top. 😉 but it’s always so rewarding in the end! (Mostly when I’m off the mtn  and eating ice cream)

8. Nantucket/Martha’s Vineyard. This is a wild card, not sure it’ll happen. Neither Mr A or I have ever been, and I would love a long weekend away, so to be continued!


Summer is here! 


3 thoughts on “Summer Goals

  1. love these ideas!! we make little summer bucket lists each year. a couple from ours? go on a picnic. make (many!) bonfires, eat smores, light sparklers, run through a sprinkler on a hot morning run 😉


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