5 Things It’s Totally OK To Splurge On


Splurging is a must. Yes, everything in moderation. People often struggle with saving money without feeling deprived, which is normal in the beginning. At least until you see the results of your hard work!

In the meantime, taking care of yourself and your relationships should always remain a priority. Here are five things that I will ALWAYS splurge on and not feeling guilty about or regret.

How do you ‘treat’ yourself and stop to avoid going crazy? What are some non expensive items you splurge on?

1. J Crew. I know it’s funny but I’m serious!  I need clothes that fit me. At 5’1, I need a store that sells quality clothing and has petite sizes. Bonus: J Crew factory online. Somewhat less expensive clothing and because the sizing is so predictable I feel comfortable not trying things on. PLUS! I shop off season- hello, just scored an adorable knitted infinity scarf and cable knit hat for $17. Total.

2. Barre. I love my works outs- when you find something that works for you, the physical and emotional benefits are worth every penny.

3. Girls night. Every few months or so, my girlfriends and I get together a some local bars for a night of drinks, food and dancing. This ends up costing me some money, but it’s worth it to me, and I don’t feel guilty because I NEVER go out to lunch during the work week.

4. My dog. I will never, in a million years, sacrifice the care of my dog. My best friend. We work hard to provide him with real, all natural snacks/treats, quality food, quality vet care and even doggie daycare on a regular basis.  I will forever buy him his favorite toys, make sure his always taken care.

5. Waxing. I know it sounds silly but you just dont get the same results at home !


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