How I Save $320 This Weekend. And Spent $1300.

Disclaimer:  It’s all I can take to get this post out- but all my readers keep my going, so thank YOU! My anxiety has been crippling lately, I apologize if this post leaves a lot to be desired. Luckily I have an exciting few days coming up, with a possible announcement career wise, so let’s hope Thursday’s post is full of energy! Thanks for understanding! One day I will write more about this. Now on with the show…

Savings #1

I knew the day was coming… my 2008 white macbook was dying. She has been so good to me- we got through community college, undergrad, a wedding, three apartments and four fish together. She even forgave me when I spilled milk on her screen. I’ve replaced her charger at least six times at $120 a pop. Two of these chargers had to be replaced during Owen’s puppy “I’m chewing everything you own” phase.

However, in recent months  years, her battery stopped charging and just last week the track pad completely stopped working. Mr A and I decided that if we could fix her for $300 or less, we would do that. Much cheaper than a new laptop, which I need for grad school. An ipad would be a great (and cheeper!), but again, I need to be able to write papers.

Cue our trip the Apple Store this weekend. Initially I was torn between a refurbished 13 inch air or a new 13 inch air- turns out with my student discount I could get a new, faster air for just an extra $50.  BOOM. Done. I’m the new proud owner of a 13″ Macbook Air!

Savings #2

Remember that TMI post from the beginning of May? I’ve recovered. And I decided to do some more research about why my insurance is still charging me for co pays for my birth control that is supposed to be given sans co payment thanks to the Affordable Care Act. (Don’t worry- I will leave my personal thoughts about the ACA out of this blog! hah!)

Essentially, I wrote filed an appeal with my insurance company, citing the current legislature and asked them comply. 48 hours later, I got a call from a lovely woman who told me not only would they be waiving future co payments, I’m also getting reimburshed for all of my 2015 co payments…. $270 back in my pocket!

Misc. #3- the most time consuming!

Mr. A and I are seriously considering refinancing to a 15 year mortgage to get an even better interest rate- meaning we could pay off our mortgage in 9 years! What?! 36 years old and no mortage?

After crunching numbers into our fancy excel budget spread sheet, it’s totally do able. Stay tuned!

What good deals did you find recently? Have you ever refinanced or considered refinancing?

Thanks for sticking with me next week.. I’ll be updating Thursday morning, stay tuned for some personal pics that are about to grace the blog as well!



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