100 Happy Days? Count Me In!

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I can’t think of a more important reason to become #debtfree than happiness. Never do I ever want to owe anyone a damn thing (sorry- I get heated when I’m passionate!)

Money does not create happiness, but it can steal from your happiness. So  many people think that having student loans, car payments, mortgages and credit card debts is just how life is and that they have no control over this.  This couldn’t be further from the truth! You CAN be debt free and then, only then, will you know what it’s like to have complete freedom.

You deserve the happiness of living debt free. You are wroth. And you can do it.

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a website called 100 Happy Days and made a mental note to go back and check it out more thoroughly and what this is all about. This is actually a happiness challenge.

According to their website, only 71% of people do not have time to complete this challenge (note- I did not say competition!).

So what does this challenge consist of? Take one picture of something that makes you happy every day for the next 100 days. The end.

There is also more you can do like share your photos using certain hashtags and registering on the website. It’s up to you how involved you get. Or not.

I AM IN! I love that this challenge is not a competition, so there is no competing for who is happier and that it costs nothing. Plus, I think it’s a great reminder how happy you can be without a trip to Nordstroms.

Who’s joining me? I’ll be submitting my own photos every Friday (starting 6/26/15) in addition to my Tues/Thurs posts. I will also be featuring some fellow challengers pictures here as well… so comment below if you are up for me to share your happiness and I’ll send you the info!

BONUS: follow me on insta (@agoulette) to see more happiness and share your happiness with me!

More info on the challenge (which I take no credit in creating, etc) can be found at: 100happydays.com


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