Confession Post : When Finances Are Scary

Even if you aren’t in your 20’s this is such a good financial check list- no time like the present!

I once read somewhere that people create (the majority) their own anxiety. For many people, the unknown is very scary, especially when it comes to finances.

What IS an IRA? ROTH? 401K? Do I  have one? SHOULD I have one?

Sometimes it just seems its much easier to just not try to understand what all of these term means because it is so overwhelming. I can’t be the only one who didn’t learn these in high school, right? So let’s do this together- no matter where you are financially.

First thing on my list is figuring out how to even log into my 401k situation and see what is going on there.

My posts for the next few weeks will be featuring each item on this list.. Tuesday we will start having an emergency fund.

Comment if you have specific questions or items you want me to address.

PS- Don’t forget about tomorrow’s #100happydays update!

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2 thoughts on “Confession Post : When Finances Are Scary

  1. I really believe it’s time for schools to start teaching the basics on personal finance. In fact, I think the class should be mandatory!

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