Why We Aren’t Traveling This Holiday

Happy (almost) Independence Day! 

In previous years, Mr.A and I have packed up and headed north to enjoy this holiday with our families in both New Hampshire and Maine. 

This year we are doing this different. With work and school work at an all time high for Mr A, we decided to stay home. While we certainly miss enjoying partaking in all of our usual festivities (hello, town hall bingo!) we are really embracing being present  this year. 

First off, we are saving tons of money as we don’t have to fill up the gas tank on my SUV as well as other miscellaneous costs we typically incur- such as going out to eat with friends, souvenirs, etc. Plus the overall rush to drive four hours and deal with traffic just isn’t as appealing.

So this weekend, we are taking a deep breath, getting some misc odds and ends done around the house, sitting in our yard enjoying an adult beverage, and even doing some BBQ hopping tomorrow. 

Whatever your plans are- whether you are away for the weekend or taking time to hit reset, enjoy! 

Xoxo A 


One thought on “Why We Aren’t Traveling This Holiday

  1. it’s kinda refreshing isn’t it?! we usually take the week after the July 4 weekend off instead and it is nice to not battle as much traffic to go to Maine and have a quieter time and enjoy being local during this holiday. we did the same and enjoyed every second!


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